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Quick Bruschetta

Inspired by one of my favourite restaurants I snacked on this over the weekend.


Fresh Sweet Basil
Smoked Salmon
Persian Fetta
Crusty bread (a baquette would be perfect, though you can use any bread really)
Vine ripened tomato

Slice your bread of choice, and lightly toast it.

Slice the tomato.

Set up a mini picnic, laying out your Persian fetta, tomato, salmon, basil and bread.

The order that I placed my ingredients in was to make it easiest to eat, but feel free to be creative.

Take a slice of bread and spread with fetta.

Place a piece of smoked salmon on the bread.

Next a basil leaf.

Then a slice of tomato (or half slice depending on the size of your bread/tomato).



Repeat until you run out of ingredients or you are too full or someone steals all your food because it looks so yummy. If someone does steal your food I suggest you try to steal it back before its all been eaten. I’ve heard its nice to share, but I think only if I get the biggest portion.

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